Digital Marketing Consulting Services by DCG


First impressions are very important and it all begins with having a great web site. We work with you to combine our creative design process with comprehensive strategy to develop an online experience to cater to your target audience.


Having a great web site is not enough if you don’t have any visitors coming to your site. Search Engines are one of the most effective tools for gaining customers online. We know how to maximize your online marketing efforts to get the results you need by using advanced and proven SEO techniques and utilizing many of the free social networking services available.


85% of your web site’s traffic comes from search engines. If someone is searching for “designer shoes” to buy designer shoes they are more likely to purchase those shoes from someone that appears under that search rather than stumbling across one online. Getting keywords to top spots on search require a great amount of skill, expertise and a great amount of hours + manual labor. Our experts can help you appear where you need to appear.

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