Business IT & Server Management

Dioguardi Consultation Group Managed Services

  • Avoid unnecessary downtime that effects customer service & deliverables as well as employee productivity
  • Free up your staff to work on important issues; close more sales, assist customers, and so on.
  • Control technology costs with monthly level payments that eliminate the shock of escalating invoices
  • Experience an unparalleled level of automated proactive support and monitoring to keep your systems maintained, patched and running smoothly
  • Remain virus and spyware free to keep your network running smoothly
  • Ensure you are getting value for your technology dollars by having the expertise of Microsoft Certified Professionals on your side
  • Enjoy unlimited help desk and technical assistance under the Gold and Platinum plans
  • Receive unlimited on-site assistance as needed under our Platinum plan
  • Receive impartial advice on hardware and software purchases
  • Retain Documentation on everything technology related in your organization.

DCG’s Managed Service Agreements were developed with one idea in mind; if you or your staff spends time on anything other than your core business, you are losing money, especially on your IT equipment such as servers, desktops and networking equipment.   For years, IT companies and their clients have been on opposite sides of the table; something breaks and the IT company comes and fixes it; the longer it takes, the bigger the bill.  DCG has moved to your side of the table with our Managed Service Agreements.  Using a flat-fee monthly approach to billing for support, our incentive is to keep your network running smoothly and available, so you and your staff can work with maximum efficiency.

DCG offers tiered support agreements to suit your needs and budget.  Our plans are simple, and easy to understand:

Silver – We monitor your servers and workstations for issues and errors such as failed backups, anti-virus activity, hardware malfunction that can cause downtime, and so on.  Additionally, we perform preventative maintenance and installation of Microsoft patches.  If issues occur, we call for permission to resolve.

Gold – With our Gold plan, we perform all of the monitoring and maintenance of the Silver plan and you get access to our live help desk for remote support by phone and over the Internet.  In addition, Gold plan members receive elevated priority for support issues.

Platinum – Under the Platinum plan, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of the Gold plan, and Platinum plan members receive the highest priority for all supports issues, full access to our help desk, and unlimited on-site support as needed for all covered equipment.  You get all the attention you need, whenever you need it.  It’s like having your own full-time IT department!

With options such as Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Planning, e-mail spam/virus/spam filtering, Android, Apple and Blackberry device support, we can tailor a plan that is right for you and your organization.

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